Passionate about paper.

Passionate about paper.

Extraordinary people. Extraordinary ideas.

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At our state-of-the-art paper mill in North Rhine-Westphalia we specialise in premium graphic papers.

Carreers at Kabel

We are looking for forward thinkers, and offer a lot in return.

Graphic Paper

Consumers recognise first-class paper at a glance. They appreciate its unique texture.

Packaging Paper

Expressive paper for people who expect only the best.

Book Printing Paper

High-quality papers for unique reading experiences.

„Kabel has always enjoyed a strong reputation within the industry. This is because of the people who work there.“


We rely on uncompromising, premium quality. We rely on paper. Because studies show that when given a choice between paper and digital, most people choose the former – even digital natives. The physical properties of the page ensure that printed information is read in a more focused way and retained more effectively. Thanks to its unique haptics and smell, paper will also remain relevant in the future.

For this reason, we want to offer our customers the best paper possible. We listen carefully and pay attention to the details. Only by doing so can we learn from each other and keep improving every day. This is our goal. This is Kabel Premium Pulp & Paper.